Sylvaine92 | How Using Artificial Plants Can Help You Save Money On Your Gardening Business and More
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How Using Artificial Plants Can Help You Save Money On Your Gardening Business and More

Landscaping comes with a great deal of responsibility,  particularly, when you have your own gardening business. Choosing real plant life to breathe life into your business is a great way to go. The downside is that real plants come with a limited lifespan. You need to water and maintain them regularly. Once they die out, you then need to buy some more. You will be dealing with high water bills. You will be wasting a great deal of money by doing this. Your gardening business might not be able to take this burden.  Temporary plants (faux plants)are known to be a better alternative. You can combine both and give your brand a boost. Your business will have the same great look without the hassle and upkeep.

1) They are designed for the outdoors, cutting down on the maintenance on your commercial property.
2) They have a built in UV protection to stop fading.
3) The wire frames are built for durability.
4) You can move them at a moment's notice without disrupting the appeal.

You need to take a look at what you need. You might need faux plants for your grass. You might need some hedges.

You might have other business around yours. You might be looking for some more privacy. The faux hedges come in handy. You blend them in with your real plant life. You will have a seamless look. You will have more privacy for your business.

You need to look at your property and the way it is now. You might find it overwhelming and time-consuming to create the look you want. You will achieve your goal. You need to fit the right temporary plants in the right location. Do you have a big parking lot? Your parking spot is a great place to begin. You can use some of the temporary plants as dividers to section off areas of your property.

The idea is to disperse what you have evenly. You want a little bit of fake mixed in with the real plant life. Your customers will never know the difference.

1) You need to plant your fake plants as you if you were growing real plants. You need to map out your design.

2) You need focal points. You need to map out which areas will serve as your points of interest. You will put your fake plants here. Fake palms and banana plants are two examples of fake plants that might serve as focal points.

3) Do you have any fake topiaries lying around? You can place these at the entrance to your building. Are you looking for an example? Google some of our business here in Florida. We use fake and real palm trees all the time. The fake palm trees are real enough you will never know the difference. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They will not look out of place during the winter time. They blend in so well you will swear they are real.

4) Do you have any fake flower boxes and flowers lying around? Are you thinking about buying some? They will make a good investment. You can put fit them on a windowsill. Your customers will never know the difference. You can buy a trellis. A trellis will give your customers the illusion of a climbing vine. The climbing vine works well whether your gardening business is selling them or not.

5) Do you have a pool area near your gardening business? You can use banana plants and bamboo to create a tropical paradise. You will give you customers the illusion they are here in Florida. We use them all the time here. Why do you think we tell everyone we live in paradise?

6) You do need to spray your plant life with water. Water will keep the dust off of them. You need to check them after a bad storm. If you treat your temporary plants well they will last for more than a decade.

Temporary plants serve you two purposes. One, you will cut down on the maintenance and money you spent. Two, your customers may inquire about how they can get a hold of one for themselves.

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